Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pictures can be deceiving...

Except this one:
While most of you are showing off your completed classrooms, I get to show you this. Because I am not "allowed" to start setting up my room until next Monday. The principal did say we could come in this week if we were "just planning on dropping stuff off." So I "dropped stuff off" for three hours today. Hopefully I will be able to "drop stuff off" again tomorrow.

Now the pictures coming up are definitely deceiving... I had a photographer friend of mine take some photos of my nieces and nephews. They look so sweet! (That is the deceiving part).

The first thing they all did was run straight for the cannons. 

Sweet Chris

 This was me trying to be fancy-wancy on Pic Monkey

More Cousins on the cannons action.

 This one is my favorite. I can't decide if I like it better B&W or in color.

 Connor and Chris, brothers.

 Alex and Olivia, sisters

By the time we threw me into the shots, Connor had had enough of all this and wasn't cooperating much.

 Again, my Pic Monkey edits.

The girls wanted individual shots. I thought this one of Alex was great. She is 11 going on 16.


  1. What a bummer that you can't start setting up! I wonder why?? I would think that if you have access then you can start getting your room together :/

    Sliding Into Second Grade

  2. That's so frustrating to not be able to start working. Our staff would flip a lid!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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