Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Word Study Games~Freebies!

Since the first set of word study games I posted seemed to be popular, here are the games for the next four Words Their Way lessons. Of course you don't have to use these with Words Their Way if you don't use that program. Enjoy!
Click Here to download!

UPDATE:  I have had many requests for these games so I will be uploading them to TPT. Click HERE to go to my store.


  1. I love all the games you're posting. They're quite helpful. What do you use for a recording sheet? Are the "cards" called for in some of the games the word sort words from the program?

    1. I try to avoid recording sheets. Just more paper to collect. If necessary, I would have them just record the words they practice in their word study notebook. Yes, the cards are from the back of the Words Their Way book.

  2. Are selling your other WTW game boards?



  3. These are great! Quick question - what is the numbering system you are using for the boards? Does it correlate with the Word Sort Books that just have the word cards/sorts? If so, which version? I have the OLD ones and some second edition as well but can't seem to see the numbers matching up.

  4. Thank you.....Thank you....Thank You