Monday, August 12, 2013

It's getting close!

I am chomping at the bit to get into my new classroom and start unpacking and setting up. Hopefully (fingers crossed) they will let me in a few days this week, but I may have to wait until next Monday.... as in only one week to set up my room.... as in PANIC ATTACK.

Anyway, last summer I purchased a Silhouette Cameo after seeing all the amazing things other bloggers were making for their rooms. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable in all things craft, but let me tell you... When I unpacked that thing and installed the software I was INTIMIDATED. As in SCARED. I usually learn best by fiddling around myself. But I didn't find the software to be very newbie friendly. So then I resorted to reading the directions, which were ZERO help. It took me 30 minutes, 3 youtube videos, and a Firefly+Ginger ale (my favorite drink) to figure out how to adjust the rollers. If you have one of these machines please tell me it was that difficult for you as well.... please? Anyway, I abandoned all hopes of using my machine and let it collect dust for one year.

I promised myself I would figure it out this summer. And like a true procrastinator I waiting until I only had one free week left before going back to work or some other responsibility. I think I am improving with each project I do. But the materials are so expensive I wanted to make sure all my projects were perfect from the get-go. Hence why I was so scared to get started. Thankfully I overcame my fear and made a few things this week to show you.

#1 Student Numbers for my new clipboards
I didn't manage to take a picture of the clipboards. They aren't that special so you aren't missing much.

#2 My Super Improver Wall for WBT (NOT to be confused with a behavior clipchart. I am anti-clipchart)
I used my machine to cut out the letters from cardstock. This would have been much easier with vinyl but I am a rookie so you live and learn. Plus I'm not sure if you can laminate over vinyl. Would it melt? Something to look into.

#3 Labels for my tubs of bird seed
I helped out with Arts and Crafts at the Vacation Church School at my church recently and the ladies there were quick to offer me any leftover supplies. I snagged three of these giant pretzel bins to use for storage. One of the crafts was making a bird feeder, and when I told them I put bird feeders up on my classroom window they insisted I take home the leftover bird seed too.

#4 Student Numbers for my new individual book bins
I haven't cut these yet because I'm still waiting for my permanent vinyl to arrive in the mail. My plan is to take off the numbers and leave the black rectangle around the number so the white space shows the student number. Does that make sense? I'm not sure how to explain that any better.

#5 Manicure
I know you are thinking that you just read that word wrong or that I made a typo, but I DID use my Silhouette to add an interesting detail to my nails. Let me back up and explain... I went to visit my cousin and her partner this weekend (can I just stop and point out that this weekend was my ONLY vacation this summer? I told them going to visit them was like going to Cancun for me. Because I have no clue what Cancun is like to visit. But I would probably hate it. I hear it is a horrible, boring, lame place to be. Kind of like Vegas, or Paris, or Napa Valley. All those places are horrible vacation destinations I hear (from the voices of jealousy inside my head.) So I will just stick with a weekend visiting family thank you very much.) I am on a major tangent here. What was I telling you? OH! My nails. Back on track... So I was getting ready to go visit my cousin and was doing my nails. Nail art is a little hobby of mine. I asked her what she wanted me to put on my nails and she said....UNICORNS. She thought she stumped me but Ooooooooooh nooooooooo. I pulled out my Silhouette, cut a teeny tiny horse head from white vinyl, stuck it on my thumb nail, and painted on the details. It looks awesome, if I do say so myself!

That's all for now. I'm going to spend the next hour watching the clock waiting for it to strike 9:00AM so I can call my school office and see if my room is ready... I'm not excited at all.


  1. I have a Silhouette Cameo too and loooooove it. I love that little birdie on your jar. So cute!

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