Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Classroom Pictures

I worked in my room all day Friday, Monday, and today so I decided it is probably time for a photo update. I'm still nowhere near to being done but things are coming together and I'm getting a pretty good feel for how things will function this year.

View from the doorway. I got rid of 3 of the 6 extra tables I had and the last three are right by the door for easy removal when I find someone who will take them from me.

It's still messy but the shelf with the blue tubs is where the math manipulatives will go, and the pastel color shelving is for Work on Words.

My lovely built-in shelving that will be soon covered by my amazing flamingo curtains (as soon as I get them fire-treated.) I'm also trying to get rid of my overhead projector so it is parked close to the door.

This will be my library area. The library is always the last thing I do room wise because it takes a lot of time and I want to be sure the library is exactly where I want it before I unpack all those books.

My "literacy area"... So here we have the guided reading table in an L-shape with my teacher desk, two bookshelves of guided reading and Literacy Lessons books/materials, and the (soon to be) listening center in the corner. The movable wall is magnetic so it may become my word wall. Not sure yet.

My "special" read-alouds, seasonal books, and content area books. I also shelve some of my favorite authors and pull those out when we do author studies. I also unpacked and filled the poster drawers beneath this shelving today.

I heart my Promethean board. It makes life so much easier.

Paper storage. Don't you just love the construction paper holder my contractor friend made for me?

 Can you say "hoarder?" All these tissues and baby wipes are leftover from last year. I even took a few boxes home over the summer! Shhh! Don't tell.

So that's it for now. I'll probably wait until I get some of the bulletin boards done and the rest of the furniture laid out before posting room photos again. I know you all will be waiting in anticipation!

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  1. Oh my gosh, the storage! LOVE all of those shelves! I'm so jealous!

    I spied China, Weather, and Frogs on your Read Aloud Shelf. We teach in the same state. :)

    Looks like great progress! Still working on mine...