Wednesday, August 24, 2011

REAL Classroom Pictures!

OK. I worked my hiney off today and have some classroom photos to share with you. I'm still nowhere near finished and haven't even begun to think about bulletin boards yet but I'm excited to share my progress!

My new job chart. I will laminate pictures of my students faces and use velcro to attach and move weekly.

I used a flamingo shower curtain I found at Target as a backdrop here. This will probably be something literacy based since it is near my listening center and guided reading table.

Classroom Library

More of the literacy area. Not sure what to put on the bulletin board. I hung all my past years' class photos up top. The last one is empty cause it is waiting for the newbies to come!

More soon-to-be library space

 Kids cubbies and storage

Letters came from Michaels. They are hanging over the leveled take home library and student mailboxes.

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  1. It's beautiful! I wish I had that wall storage!

    I'm trying the caddies on my desks this year. I am hoping that it cuts down on the "searching" through the desks while I'm teaching as well as the getting up out of the seats to get stuff.