Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Student Love (Two-Post Tuesday)

I've seen a few of my students at the library over the summer but nothing beat my smile when I checked my school email and found a sweet note from one of my past parents. She wrote:

"Hello, I just wanted to drop you a few lines to let you know that Samuel still speaks of you very frequently over the weeks. In summer school he had to do a project and he choose to do your favorite- flamingos..."

Samuel reading to me at the library.

How adorable is that? A little boy who is obsessed with converse sneakers (he seriously has a pair for every color in the rainbow) chose to do a project on flamingos in honor of ME :D. We promptly made a play date to meet up.

I've always said that there can be no other profession that makes you heart-broken and at the same time fills your heart up everyday. Well, maybe social workers. I think that teaching is a true test of emotional strength. Since I've shared a heart-filling story, I'll also share a heart-breaking story...

Around this time last year one of my former students lost his battle to a rare blood cancer. Sey-J (nickname pronounced CJ) was 9 years old, a die-hard redskins fan, and had a smile that could melt a drill sargent. Halfway through the school year he had to leave our school so that his family could live closer to the hospital where he received treatment. He asked if we could have a dance party on his last day.... and most of the kids wore Redskins shirts :)
Not a day goes by that I don't feel truly blessed to have played a part in all my students lives. They give so much of themselves to me, good and bad, and my heart is full because of it.

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