Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I promised you the Pigeon!

I know it is waaaay too early for this but the sudden turn in weather has me anticipating my hands-down favorite holiday... Thanksgiving. Last year after using many Mo Willems books as part of an illustration/author study my class decided they wanted to create their own pigeon book. Since it was close to Thanksgiving, we decided to write "The Pigeon Wants to be the Holiday Bird." The kids decided it would be funny if the pigeon wanted to be the Thanksgiving day turkey and we brainstormed all the things he might say to convince the reader to let him be the turkey. Then they used their illustration skills to illustrate each page. I know what you're thinking... this is totally plagiarism... I checked Mo's website and he had all kinds of pigeon stories submitted from students and classes around the country posted on the site. So here's our Thanksgiving pigeon story. Be prepared for LOTS of photos. And if you make it to the end, I'll attach a copy of the blank pages if you want to use them with your class.

 (i did this one...)

(i did this one too...)

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  1. This is so stinkin' precious! I ADORE Mo, and love how he features young authors on his website. I hope your book makes it! My kids love to write their own pigeon stories, too. And aren't their illustrations always just right? Mo loves it when kids take off with his creation. He said so when I saw him read here in Ct. last fall. Did you know he's got a new pigeon book coming out in the spring?!