Thursday, October 6, 2011

Writing Workshop

I must say, I LOVE when writing workshop finally comes together. It usually happens right around the same time  they have built their stamina for Daily 5 and are ready to start rotations. You know the moment? It's when the lightbulb goes on and the kids realize that they are AUTHORS, and that what they do during writing workshop is special and important and thoughtful. For me, this finally came together last Friday. I noticed the little conversations had stopped (aside from reading your story to your neighbor) and they all had very serious, thoughtful faces on as they worked. YAY! They all found special places in the room to work and GOT BUSY! Here are a few photos I snapped of my kids working.

J under the easel

P and C at the listening table using the crate seats :)

K and K at the reading table.

K under my desk. They love to be under things...

J again.

J under the sink

I standing by her desk

T on the floor

M, J, and J at their desks

A standing at her desk

S on the floor in the computer nook

Just as a side note... I didn't realize how many kids have names that start with J and K until writing this.... :P

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  1. thanks so much for entering the giveaway! I love your classroom!! :)