Friday, May 18, 2012

Spreading the news

I just wanted to take a moment to share a new blog with you that I think you will ADORE. Actually, this is one of my teammates who recently decided that she was going to be a blogging nerd (and only then did I feel it was safe to tell her I was one too :P).

Heather at The Meek Moose is a little snarky and a lot genius, which makes for good reading. Her most recent post is about an awesome Economics Unit she just planned and blew the rest of the team out of the water. I never even pulled my Economics binder off the shelf.... just stapled her plan into the ol' plan book!

Seriously, go check her out and peek at her Pinterest boards too! Tell her Flamingo Fabulous sent you!!!!


  1. Ooooo hooo hooo! I'm all ablush! Plus I'm pretty sure you got me at least one new follower. 4 more and I'm at ten, where I promised meself that cupcake. Which, really, I have eaten ten of already if we count the cake pops this week. So maybe I should reward myself with a walk down to the farm to look at the pigs wallowing in the mud and contemplate my emotional eating...or make more cake pops. It's a toss up.