Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Classroom Set-Up Day 3

Still working away in my little ol' room. I attacked my library, cabinets, and countertops today. I came up with a few nifty solutions that are helping me get more space. The most "nifty" trick I've discovered is to GET RID OF EVERYTHING. Just kidding... No, seriously. This will be my sixth year teaching at this school and I've decided that if I haven't used it in 5 years it HAS TO GO! This probably explains why my FREE STUFF table is overflowing even though people have been taking things.

Here's your photo update for the day!

Like my door decor? I originally made this header to go in my classroom window but my tension rod was too short so I threw it here to see if I like it or not. I think it may be a little too long for the door.

View from the door. Visibly less "stuff" out and about.

The FREE STUFF pile. PLEASE come and raid this table. I can't believe I'm getting rid of my Arthur sign... if no one takes it I will probably end up hanging it up in my library.

Student cubbies with book baskets. 

Classroom library with books. I need to go get a few more little green baskets and I'm working on the labels now.

My not-so-tidy desk

If you remember from yesterday's post, this was my focus area for today. I managed to get all the odds and ends that were on this counter put away, cleaned out the upper and lower cabinets, and then put my table caddies here because the counter looked lonely without anything sitting on it!

Indoor Recess games. I used to have twice as much stuff here but I wanted the other side of this cabinet for storage so I purged things that were worn out and probably should have been trashed ages ago. I think I will print a large copy of this picture and tape it to the inside of the cabinet door so the kids know what it should look like when cleaning up.

This is my super-nifty construction paper storage made by a contractor friend in my very first year of teaching. This USED to take up A LOT of counter space but I measured and realized it would fit perfectly in the bottom cabinet.

Data Binders/Student Portfolios/the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE.
I hate these things. They suck. And they take up space. And I hate them. But I HAVE to have them. THE END.

Sorry to end the tour on such a negative note. Tomorrow I will be more upbeat. Maybe.

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  1. Ugh, binders take up so much space. What goes in them to make them so ginormous? I have my PALS, DSA, and a few other assessments as well as my grades in one big binder.

    This year we can actually send the tests HOME with the students so we won't be storing them and spending a billion dollars shredding them at the end of the year. Although if a bunch of parents argue with me over grading, I might reconsider my stance!

    It's lookin' good!