Monday, August 20, 2012

In my room, FINALLY

Well, today was the first day I was allowed back in my room so naturally I am sore all over, exhausted, brain dead and feel like I accomplished absolutely nothing in the 4 hours I worked in my room. I closed my door to keep small-talkers out and had a set plan in mind from the get-go, but I still feel like not much happened today. Here are some boring pictures of my mess. Think I can be done by Friday? I don't think so either but it doesn't hurt to hope.

Here's what I walked into today. Not that bad. Especially considering all boxes and bins were able to be stored up on the counters and not all over the floor like last year.

Built-in's. I plan to empty these shelves, purge, and reorganize.

An attractive pile. 

More piles and stacks.

So I worked for 4 hours unpacking, arranging furniture, moving shelves, etc. and here are the "after" photos. They look shockingly like the before photos though...

View from the door.

Built-in's - I did a quick sweep through my binders and decided to take about a quarter of them home because I don't use them much. I also moved all my read-aloud books from the other side of the room here. I still need to go through the contents of each binder and purge what I don't use.

One of my take-home piles.

The beginnings of my classroom library. This is where I usually have my guided reading table. I decided to try something new this year.

My desk with another take-home pile. I'm taking all the baskets home to spray paint. I hate that they aren't all the same color.

My new guided reading location.

This is where the read-aloud books used to be. I'm moving all my math stuff here so it will be handy when I use the table for small math groups.

That's about it for the room. I'm going back for a full day tomorrow so hopefully I will get a lot more accomplished.


  1. That looks like great progress for 4 hours! I know what you mean by small talkers - I am so guilty of that myself though. I find taking my iPod Dock in and cranking some music to be a helpful for that and I would like to think it makes me feel more productive.

    Can't wait to see the progression! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, you have some serious work ahead of you! It looks like you got quite a bit done. Just remember it always hits a point where it looks worse before better! Can't wait to see the final reveal :-)