Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vistaprint Goodies

I recently found out that I won't be allowed back into my classroom until the 20th at the earliest, so to distract myself from worrying about only having one extra week to set up my room (it usually takes me 3 weeks) I fiddled around on Vistaprint. Here are my recent "purchases." Everything was free, I just had to pay shipping.

I'm planning to use the Whole Brain Teaching Rules next year in my room so I made these rubber stamps:

They only allow one free stamp per transaction so it may take me a while to collect all 5, but my plan is to use these on daily behavior communication logs so parents can see exactly which rule they'll want to address/reinforce/celebrate with their child. Or I might just stamp it on the hands of those squirmy wormies when the whole class is working on improving in one specific area. Last year I made a stamp that says "Ms. Moler Likes This" inspired by this one:
The kids LOVED getting this stamp on their hands to celebrate a job well done. Although it was tempting, I did NOT order a "Dislike" stamp.

Vistaprint also offers 250 free business cards and I knew I could use them for something neat. I came up with this:
Eating lunch with a friend from another class is a popular reward at my school, but sometimes it can be hard to remember who is eating with who, at what time, and if the other teacher even approved it. So now when a little one earns lunch with a friend, they will fill out the card, take it to the other teacher for approval and to decide which time works best for them, and then return it to me (all during morning routines). I will keep the cards in my badge holder so I can reference them at lunch time. Also, our lunch monitors ask us to let them know when students are eating with other classes. Instead of remembering who is with who, I can just have my kiddos give the cards to the lunch monitor when they go to eat with their friend.

Do you have any other creative uses for the Vistaprint business cards? I'm going to be ordering my Rule #3 stamp soon and eagerly await your ideas!


  1. I had magnetic business cards made with all of my contact information on them. That way parents can stick it on the fridge and they have all the info they need to get in touch with me or the school :-)


  2. I've been looking for "Miss G likes this" stamps everywhere! How/where did you make yours?


  3. I have been on Vista Print for awhile now trying to figure out how to get my "free" stamp...I just can't figure it out...Can you let me know how to order it?

    Thanks! :)

    1. Hmm. I haven't been on the site since last summer and it looks like they aren't doing free products like they used to. There used to be a link to free stuff in the drop-down menu but it isn't there anymore :(