Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Positive Reinforcement Works!


So yesterday I finally broke my 5 month vow of digital silence and admitted I'm feeling a bit glum lately about blogging. But I love how reading and writing posts made me feel so I am attempting to get back into the saddle.


SOOOOOOO What do I come home to the next day??? A totally unexpected but oh so wonderfully delicious box full of stuff from Lakeshore! I can't wait to try all this stuff out and host some giveaways!

It's like the universe saw my (poor) attempt at witty humor and sent me a wonderful brown box full of positive reinforcement and potential post material. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

So on to what I was originally planning to share.....

Today was our teacher work day for the end of the second grading period. Usually we are tied up in meetings ALL day on these work days PLUS report cards are due to admin by the end of the day. So every free moment is spent trying to turn thoughts like "so-and-so is a bossy little-miss-know-it-all" into something like "so-and-so enjoys taking on leadership roles..."

BUT not this time. For some reason our principal had pity on us and we only had two meetings today for a combined total time of less than 60 mins. That was it. And they were actually good meetings with USEFUL information! Since I spent every free moment last week working on report cards and managed to finish them EARLY, i actually had time to do things I always say I'm going to get done the next time a work day comes around.

It was a good day.

So here's what my to-do list looked like at 9:00 AM this morning:

The cupcake was from a teammate and I strategically placed it on my to-do list as a bit of motivation. Notice it says "eat cupcakes" with an s. I had two. I can't resist Red Velvet with cream cheese icing. I ate that bad boy at 8:20 AM when I saw her walking down the hallway with the iconic pink box from Cupcake Heaven. It couldn't be helped.

Here's the to-do list after lunch:

At this point I had added more items than crossed off. It wasn't looking good. Plus I called the Fire Safety lady at least 10 times and she was NEVER available and she NEVER called me back. I wanted to cross that off so bad. I only added it to the list because I thought it would be an easy win. Grrr.

And here's my list at 4:00 PM as I was getting ready to leave:
Notice I procrastinated doing anything that had anything to do with planning instruction. I must be a masochist. I have no idea what I'm teaching tomorrow. BUT my room looks FABULOUS so I guess me and the little lambs will just sit around and stare at all the tidy shelves and NOT TOUCH ANYTHING SO HELP ME! :)

P.S. Me and the Fire Safety lady are in a fight. I'd better be able to reach her tomorrow so I can cross that off my list. No one start any fires tomorrow so she is able to take my phone call. That is obviously more important than whatever it is she does when she is not sitting by the phone waiting for me to call. 

P.P.S. Just in case I was not as funny as I thought I was....I love fire fighters!


  1. LOL I thought you were funny! Congrats on whittling down your to-do list! Mine just keeps getting longer...

    Teach On.

  2. There should be cupcakes (plural) on every to do list!

    I'm down in Orange and our schedule is craycray also! Oh, and our server died today. Died. Dead. Kaput. "We ordered a new one but we have no idea when it will arrive".

    I LOVE it when they actually let us work in our rooms during workdays!

    I want to know how your kids did on the Native Americans and Geography test. We spend a week on each tribe, and compare/contrast them for another week (4 weeks). I can't remember how long we spend on Geography, but we have it split with map construction. So,Continents/Oceans/Mississipi, Rockies etc. is all clumped together.

    BTW I did your construction paper longhouses and they were AWESOME!!!

    And, I don't have a teacher blog but I have a parenting blog, and I get in the same funk. And then I'm all... wait, I love blogging! :) It's all good.