Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lakeshore Review and Giveaway!

So a while ago (longer than I'd like to admit) I came home to a surprise package from Lakeshore:

Inside were 5 of their awesome Interactive Software games to try out. I saved one to give away, but the games I did try out were really well made and covered a broad range of curriculum and levels of difficulty.

My class just LOVED the Phonics Quiz Game Show! It is a Jeopardy-style farm themed game. I would recommend this game for late Kindergarten through beginning Second Grade. It seemed a bit easy for my Second graders post winter break.

You start by selecting from the categories below:

You can choose how much time your students will have to answer the questions.

Then it pretty much plays out the same as any Jeopardy game.

Here are a few examples of questions:

My city kids thought this farm girl was hilarious.

Annnnnd game over!

I also tried out the Bubble Pop! Math Challenge for grades 3-5. I was tutoring a group of fourth graders in the mornings to help them prep for the state standardized tests and decided to try it out with them. I think the fourth graders got more excited than my second graders did. They LOVED it!

What I really like about the math, was that even though it was labeled as grades 3-5, I was able to use the rounding and fractions categories with my second graders. I also just got a new student (with 26 days left in the school year :/) who needs a challenge with math, so I will use this as an enrichment tool for him. 

So basically, the kids look at the problem on the alligator, and pop the correct bubble before it hits the water. They can tap the monkey to make the bubbles slow down as they fall to the water.

So again, my assessment of these games is that they are easy to use, well made, and provide opportunities to differentiate across ability levels. I can't wait to try out the Place Value Quick Shot and Phonemic Awareness Games!

Now it's your turn! I'd like to give away the Can Do! Interactive Solar System Game to one of you! If the Solar System is a part of your curriculum, or you have kids who are really into space, this would be a great game for your classroom! Good Luck and Stay Fabulous!


  1. I teach Kindergarten so I would actually give it to another teacher at my school. She has been a wonderful support for me over the years and I know her kids would love it!

  2. Hi Karen! My class LOVES Lakeshore's interactive software games. One of my literacy stations is the Smart Board, and I usually have one of Lakeshore's games set up for my littles to play. So to answer your question, we would use it daily! At least, until it was time to switch to a new game :)

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