Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fabulous Froggy Week

If you purchased the Teacher's Notebook Moore, OK pack then you bought this little gem by Ashley Reed:

This pack was literally my saving grace this week. While most of you are enjoying your summer break by the pool or in some exotic location (i.e. ANYWHERE but a school building) we are still in school mode for another 12 days.  I don't know why we go so late. As soon as the pool opens these kids check out. Behavior is atrocious, and with all our end of year assessments already done and state standardized tests almost done, the teachers have pretty much checked out as well. A common phrase among my teammates this time of year is, "Is anyone planning on doing any legitimate teaching today?" We joke of course. There is still plenty to teach, just no more steam left to do it.

ANYWAY. Back to the reason for this post. When I downloaded Ashley's Jonathan London Author Study pack I knew this was going to come in handy in these last few weeks of school. My kids loved the Froggy books and I feel silly that I never realized they opened the door for so many teachable moments. Onomatopoeia, sequencing, procedural writing, character traits, cause and effect, comparing nonfiction and fiction, fact and opinion, parts of speech, and the list goes on.

My kids had so much fun with these books I decided to type up a quick Reader's Theater to go with Froggy Bakes a Cake. I have to admit I haven't had much success with Reader's Theater this year but I thought I would give it another go with Froggy. They were HILARIOUS. I tried to include as many sound words as possible and the kids practiced and practiced to make sure they all did their "flop, flop, flops" at the same time. I've also never seen such enthusiasm, fluency and expression during a Reader's Theater before. After exhausting my teammates. I sent out an email to the staff asking for classrooms for my kids to go perform.  Pretty soon I was sending groups all over the school for repeat performances. The preschool teacher even called after a group performed and said, "They were hilarious! Can they come back for my PM class?" Unfortunately I didn't think to take pictures or video. If you'd like a copy, I'm posting it as a freebie in my TPT shop here.

We focused on a different story each day of the week, culminating in this adorable Froggy craftivity on Friday:

missy = messy

Froggy with eyelash extensions?

Then I tossed all the Froggy books into a box and turned it into an onomatopoeia center. EVERYONE finished their work on time so they could do this center. When it was time to clean up I heard shouts of "five more minutes PLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEASSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE?"

future teacher in the making

Seriously debating whether or not Froggy's name is a sound word. They were thrown off by the large print.

Christmas in Ju-- er.. May.
Thankfully I still have activities for 3 more Froggy books next week. Maybe I will even try my luck at another Reader's Theater activity. I've decided author study is definitely the way to go with Language Arts instruction at the end of the year. The kids are engaged in meaningful activities with literature, having fun, and amusing their teacher with their silly enthusiasm.

Oh, speaking of silly... here's a little anecdote from Friday. While walking down the hall, one of my students said "Ms. Moler, (giggle) I don't want to embarrass you (snort, giggle, giggle) but you have something stuck to the back of your shoes (giggle giggle giggle)." 

... they were the pom poms on the back of my tennis socks. Gotta love second graders!

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  1. OMG! What fun! I want to be in your class. Where did you find that adorable chevron rug?? THANK YOU for the freebie! So kind of you to share!