Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Made...No.

I tried. I really tried to get all my ducks in a row for Monday Made it this week.

Didn't happen.

Attempt #1
First I was super excited about my new word wall cards. I decided to send it to Office Depot's online print center since my printer sucks and the document is 94 freaking pages.
 Then I got Moler-ed... (This is a popular saying in my family that basically means you got screwed over for no reason. The universe loves messing with us Molers). I just came home to my package from Office Depot, tore it open and...
Color. All. Wrong. Just. Wrong.
The triangle piece on top is the color the pink in the box is supposed to be. In this picture it doesn't look that off, but trust me. It is PURPLE. Not pink. It's very pretty. I love purple and green together. But it is not the color I wanted. And when you pay $45 for someone to print something for you it had better be PERFECT. The customer service peeps were very kind and they are working it out for me. But I am still sad sad sad.

Attempt #2
Remember my sweet daddy?

He is working on making me custom bookcases for my new room. I guess you could call this a Made It - In Progress.
I was going to paint the bookcases brown so they would blend in, but now that I've seen the pretty wood he's using, I'm thinking about staining them lime green. That way you get a fun color and you can still see the nice grain of the wood. We will have to decide on colors later on.

Attempt #3 (I actually did this one!)
I am a tad OCD when it comes to organizing my classroom. OK... so "tad" is not 100% truthful. I'm probably more like "extremely" OCD about it. And for me, room layout is a HUGE part of my organization systems. Where and how my things are stored depends on how the classroom will be set up. Up until now, this task wasn't that difficult because I knew the layout of the rooms at my old school like the back of my hand. Now that I'm going somewhere new, I want to be as efficient as possible. So I took this:
Source - Daddy

 And created this:
 I think these are called elevations(?). I used all the measurements me and Daddy collected to make scale models of each wall in my classroom. These green bookshelves are the ones Daddy is making me right now. We decided it would be better to make three little ones instead of one big one so I can be flexible with my room layout in the future. They will also be more structurally sound (according to my master carpenter).

So was I right? Creating to-scale elevations of the walls in your classroom is only a 'tad' OCD right? Right? Anyone?

Attempt#4 - A "personal" Made It
I love nail art. This is one of my hobbies. I've been doing it for a few years now but I was totally slacking off the last month of the school year because I knew I would break all my nails during the packing up process. The worst part is that people are always asking me what's on my nails, and I had to show them my nasty chipped polish for weeks.
Well no more!
I feel like myself again!

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll have something ready by next Monday!


  1. I thought you were going with a lime and purple theme...ooops! I didn't see pink when I looked at it.
    I haven't made elevations, but I do sketch a layout. I am thinking I might have to get my dad to help me and make some bookshelves! I need some.

    I'm your newest follower - Deniece

  2. I always make drawings of the layout too - not going vertical though. Thanks for sharing!

    I Love My Classroom

  3. LOVE the nails. I am being moved into a new building..that is not built yet. I WISH I could sit down and organize the drawings and dimensions like you have done. So awesome!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  4. I'm LOVING your blog & so happy you found me, so I could find you! Daddies truly are the best. I just blogged yesterday about all the Monday (Daddy) Made its we've been doing! We're truly blessed. :)

    First Grade Fairytales