Thursday, June 27, 2013

Partner Wheel Templates - FREEBIE

Almost two years ago I blogged about one of my favorite classroom management tools - The Partner Wheel!

Seiously. I love this thing. If you haven't read the original post, check it out for more detail. Basically I write the names of students I don't want working together on the SAME wheel, and then line up the wheels to randomly select partners. Maybe older students will catch on... but I have been using this for 7 years (including student teaching) and no student has ever figured out that it is impossible to be partners with a student on the same wheel as them. At least no one has every told me they figured it out...

Anyway, this image on Pinterest has brought a TON of traffic to my blog so I fancied up the templates for you and included new templates for various class sizes. Hop on over to my TPT store and grab your copy!

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