Friday, May 16, 2014

Considering the fact that I left my last post with the phrase "I'll be back when I have more positive things to say," and that was 9 MONTHS AGO, does not say a lot about how my year at this new school has been going.... Well... It's been interesting. I guess the best way to update you is to address my list of grievances from September:

1.  I no longer feel like a new teacher, thank GOD! I guess getting used to a new school along with all the usual start-of-the-school year drama makes for an exhausting start. It took me a while and there are still things I'm learning but I feel like I am part of the staff now rather than an outsider.  The school I moved to is known for having a very stable faculty. Teachers come and they don't leave until they retire basically. That's good, except for these ladies have completely forgotten what it is like to be new. When I have asked about things, staff members have actually said, "I guess I should have told you that but I keep forgetting you're new." Umm... thanks?

2.  The team. Well, it's been about a year and I am still missing my ladies hardcore. Again, my team is wonderful but I don't feel like we have a relationship. I need to work with people who I can be silly with and laugh with and cry with... This was a big factor in a decision I made today...

3.  Procedures. I think I've got it down finally. There are still things I don't like, but they are small potatoes all things considered.

4.  Resources. This still sucks. No whiteboards. Running out of paper. I hate that I have to go hunt down the art teacher every time I need construction paper. I guess it's time to get on Donor's Choose...

While it seems like I've been doing nothing but whining, I have to say that I am 110% happy with my decision to change schools. The working environment is so much more positive than that of my old school and I feel happier in my job than I have in a long time.

Now to break the news of the "decision" I made today (and hinted at earlier in this post). When I originally accepted this position, it came with the expectation that next year I would move down to First Grade with my team to start a new 2-year loop with a fresh batch of students. I've done a lot of reflecting on myself as a teacher and I came to the realization that I would not be a good fit for the first grade age group. I have been stressing out about having babies next year so much that I've already started having school nightmares about next year's class. So when a third grade position opened up at my school, with an AMAZING team of fun and spirited ladies, I decided to jump on it. I broke the news to my team today and I felt a huge weight of stress lifted from my shoulders after everything was made official. Now I'm finding that I have something new to be excited about! I'm hoping that I will get to loop up with the majority of my kids but I'm not sure yet.

Thanks for sticking with me through the prolonged periods of silence!

As always,

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