Friday, May 23, 2014

The Haps.

It's been a busy week. Crazy, loopy, stressful, joyful, tearful, WTF kinda week. I'm fairly certain every emotion, good and bad, made it's way into my head this week.

So here's the haps.

And by 'haps' I mean "the happenings" just in case I'm not cool enough to use that abbreviation.

Actually, I'm going to back up a bit to Mother's Day weekend. It started with a concert festival with my brother and his wife. It rained all day and I was made painfully aware that I am WAAAY too old to be going to festivals. BUT I got up close and personal with Bastille so I'm going to say that standing 6 feet away from a favorite band outweighs the awkward-ness one feels while being surrounded by 16 year old girls in crop tops, cut off denim shorts, and body paint.

On Sunday, my family went on a mini-road trip to visit my grandmother in the next state over. What can be better than being crammed into a van with children, grumpy old people (my parents), and exhausted-from-the-night-before-concert-goers?

Brotherly Love

With the auntie (me).

When we got to my grandmother's place, we of course had to eat in the fine dining facility that is the cafeteria of her old folk's home... I can still smell the jello... The boys said "this is fancy!" when they saw someone slicing meet at a carving station. Yes. We are eating at a 5 star fancy restaurant.... So fancy in fact that Chris decided to eat his pecan pie (AKA sugar) sans utencils:

Afterwards, we went up to my grandmother's apartment and I found this interesting container in her kitchen...

Priceless. Two weeks later and my nephew still laughs hysterically about the pork brains.

Last weekend I went on another mini-road trip to visit my BFF Meek Moose in her natural habitat, AKA "the sticks." She did a much better job gushing about our time together so I'm going to just send you on over to her.

Sporting my new Bastille concert shirt. Which I am apparently also to old to be wearing.

Oh, you thought this was a teacher blog did you? Well. We've been up to stuff at school as well but I never remember to take pictures. We did quite a few Ancient China projects, my favorite measurement activity with the book Actual Size, and one of my kids managed to get suspended for mooning the class at P.E. You might want to count your blessings that I was neglectful with the picture-taking....

Then today I brought home my first car-load of Second Grade materials...

But this means I can start collecting things for Third Grade :)

Oh, and I'm going back in time a bit here but I thought my teacher appreciation gifts were appropriate to share:
Just one of the many reasons I'm excited to loop with my kiddos. They love flamingos simply because I love flamingos.


  1. The Haps. Dude. Ok. I'll start saying that now too.

  2. I love Bastille, too, and I'm 53 - so you're definitely not too old. Also, I love flamingoes. I had to go with my second choice at Blogger because my flamingo name choice were already taken. I love your gifts - perfect!