Friday, July 11, 2014

Five for Friday

Time for a little Friday re-cap...

On Sunday I went to see THE LION KING at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. with my mom. My parents have box season tickets and I get to fill-in when my dad is unable to go or out of town. It was AH-MAZE-ING. Like unreal. I cried during the opening number of "Circle of Life." Seriously. This movie was my EVERYTHING when I was 8 years old.



The Meekster was in town on Tuesday for professional development so we met at a little place called...

The "Southern Red Velvet" with cream cheese icing is my favorite. They also have 4 rotating flavors that change each week. My favorite is "Maple Bacon." Imagine a sweet pancake-like cake, maple icing, and topped with real bacon crumbles and maple syrup drizzle. YES PLEASE.

I attended a P.D. session on Wednesday on our new literacy series (Benchmark Literacy). Because I had done some pre-reading I was the star student. But not that one that won't shut up. You know, they person who must be thinking, "Yeah, there's 50 people taking this class but it's OK if I monopolize the discussion because I am a KNOW-IT-ALL who gains some sort of self-importance from hearing myself talk while 49 people give me the stink eye." There may or may not have been someone like that at my session.

I had my first back to school nightmare on Wednesday night. NOT COOL. School doesn't start until September! I'm fairly certain it had to do with the fact that I had a meeting to sit-down with/meet my new principal. Turns out the nightmare was unwarranted though. He was amazing. I instantly felt at ease and have a really good feeling about the next year. I hope first impressions aren't his only special talent!

And this happened...

I posted it at the bottom of my last post about my new room but I'm pretty sure no one read to the bottom because I was a big whiner-pants. Not cool, self. Not cool.

And what are my Friday plans?

FINALLY getting my haircut. I am three weeks over-due because my hair stylist got married or something like that. Geesh people. Priorities.

I'm planning a little make-over that involves some fun COLORS.

Just in time for my (younger) cousin's wedding photos. 


  1. Those cupcakes look great! Sweets are for sure my weakness...

    First Grade Stampede

  2. I saw the Lion King in Boston years ago, and I totally agree - it's worth seeing. I'd go see it again, if I had the opportunity. Your cat seems like quite the character.

  3. Cupcakes rock. Bacon rocks. That is just an awesome combo. I love how the cupcakes were displayed. Instead of Puss in Boots, you have a Puss in Books. :)

    Following Optimism in 2nd Grade

  4. The Lion King is truly incredible!! I would love to see it again someday. I have to go to some PDs this week... hopefully I won't have any of those people in my sessions! :)

    My Carolina Classroom