Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Love Staples

For me, this is the best time of year. I am relaxing on summer break and using all this R&R time to be a super nerd about school stuff. This is also the time of year that Staples and Office Depot start advertising their infamous penny sales! I prefer Staples because they raise the limit on 1 cent items to 25 for teachers. Office Depot doesn't usually let teachers buy more than the advertised limit but I always ask anyway and sometimes I get lucky :).

Anywhoo, my Sunday routine consists of church, lunch out with my family and then straight to Staples to stock up on the penny items. Going on Sunday is a MUST. And the earlier the better. Supplies go fast (I guess because of people like me... oops). But it is seriously irresistible.
50 Sharpie Highlighters = 25 cents

200 Pencils = 25 cents

I also snagged a 4G jump drive for five dollars and a pack of pens for FREE. Index cards are also on sale for 1 cent but I only bought five packs but that didn't seem impressive enough for a photo, even if it only cost me a shiny nickel.

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