Monday, July 25, 2011

Trash to Treasure

This is a project I started about a millennia ago for Oh' Boy 4th Grade's Trash 2 Treasure Party and somehow got sidetracked. Pinterest is probably to blame. Anywhoo... I started with these:
Two milk crates I have had for years. The blue one has been in my family for ages. I even took it to college with me. I use them for everything but I wanted to class them up a bit. So I turned them into these:
I know the picture quality sucks (I'm looking for a new digital camera since mine died any suggestions are appreciated). I spray painted them both turquoise and made basket liners like you see in the fancy baskets at Michaels. Right now they are stuffed with my Target and Dollar Tree finds.

So to sum it all up, this project was not about money saving. These crates are on sale at Target and Walmart for around 3 dollars and already in funky colors. I spent more on spray paint and fabric than it would have cost to just get the new ones. But that's not the point. I had fun and I love the finished product!


  1. Karen, These are beautiful! I think the point is that you were able to get exactly the color and material you wanted. What fun! Okay, what type of spray paint did you use?
    An Open Door

  2. First I primed them with the Valspar primer and then the color was a matte Valspar