Friday, August 12, 2011

Classroom Photos

Don't have much to report but I did snap a few photos of my unpacking OCD-ness. A few of my teammates were also in the building working the other day and they came in and said, "Even though we are all in an unpacking-frenzy does it surprise you that your room is STILL the neatest?" Nope. Not surprised at all :)

The math box pile.

Stuff that I'll be cramming into the closet.

My itty-bitty closet and more stuff to cram in there.

Furniture and miscellaneous boxes I'm afraid to open.

Can you tell I ran out of boxes when packing? There are about 4 garbage bags worth of things in that corner.

My desk with listening center boxes.

Guided Reading/Language Arts Materials

Classroom library books.

The first thing I unpacked were the office supplies. I've found that unpacking stuff that will be stored in cabinets and drawers first helps. All this stuff ended up in the pull-out drawers but I had to see everything first before I put it away.

So, not that exciting but it's progress!


  1. Don't teacher's just love "stuff". I was walking for excercise with another teacher the other day, and she started to check out the items set out for the trash pickup the next day... that's just crosses the line for me...