Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random Updates and News

So this post may be a bit schizophrenic but bear with me... I've got a storm of thoughts bubbling around in my brain and have to get them out.

Literacy Lessons Updates:
So today was day two of Literacy Lessons and we discussed the various forms of assessments we would be using on a regular basis with our struggling readers. If you're not familiar with Literacy Lessons, it was created by Marie Clay, a Reading Recovery guru. Basically we will be working one on one with two struggling readers for 30 mins (each) a day on top of all my regular teaching duties. The reading team will really have to step up with sub coverage and whatever it takes to make sure these kids get their individual time every day because we will be working with students who have not responded to multiple and various reading interventions. Literacy Lessons has its own rules and regulations separate from Reading Recovery so I will be a certified instructor at the end of the year. I know the logistics are tough but I am so excited to be a part of this! Tomorrow my assignment is to kidnap (not really don't have a heart attack) two kiddos and practice the testing procedures. Here are the cute gifts I made to give them as a thanks for using their brain over their summer vacation. I stole from was inspired by about 5 million posts on Pinterest (like this one) and recreated it myself.

For the little girl I'm testing:

For the little man I'm testing:

Classroom Updates:
So today I worked in the room for about an hour and managed to sort the boxes by subject. I am OCD when it comes to room organization and there is nothing that IRKS me more than thinking I have found the perfect spot for something and then finding another box a few days later with more of the same item and not having room to store it all together. Today I started unpacking all my miscellaneous "office supplies" like post-its, index cards, and pens. I didn't get any pics today but there's not much progress to see. I'll snap some photos tomorrow.

Fun Crafty News:
I just finished making Mrs. Shepherd's Dr. Seuss shoes for winning my Sneaky Giveaway! I'll try to mail them out tomorrow :) Here is a SNEAKer Peak!
 A favorite Dr. Seuss quote.

The famous last word of the Lorax.

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