Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mr. Blizzard!

So Mr. Blizzard is a high school science teacher who we ask to come do a few science demonstrations each year. He is basically the biggest science nerd ever and we LOVE him. Each year he brings something bigger and better... and this year it was the giant kid-sized tornado machine! But we will get to that soon enough... Be prepared for tons of pictures and hopefully some videos too!

Mr. Blizzard always starts with air. He removes the air from the cans by boiling water inside the cans and then drops them into the water. Because all the air has been removed, the cans are crushed by the water and sink to the bottom.

Here water is trapped in the metal cup. The cup has been turned upside down and air in the room is holding the playing card onto the bottom of the cup.

The wind machine! I missed the opportune moment, but he had just knocked a plastic cup off this little nugget's head when I snapped the photo.

Here we tested how much air you could blow into this balloon by holding it close to your mouth and blowing hard, or holing it away from your mouth and blowing softly. He gave us the balloon when he finished and the kids spent all of recess blowing up the balloon.
the video:

Here is a home-made version of the wind machine. He filled it with fog from a fog machine so we could see the wind as he shot it across the room.

and here's the video:

The "Happy Birthday Egg Trick."  He sucked the hard-boiled egg into the glass jar by removing the air from the jar with birthday candles attached to the egg.

Here he is using an air pump and a bell jar to show what happens to a small balloon when all the air is removed from the bell jar. He also did the same trick with marshmallows.

The lightning ball thingy! My Clayton got to be "ELECTRIC MAN!"

This sweetie pie had light up shoes. Every time she put her hand on the ball her shoes lit up like crazy.

The tornado machine.

Ta da! The life size version was brand new. David is inside a tornado!

And to wrap things up, what's Mr. Blizzard without a little snow?

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