Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Haps, part 2

Since I posted about my non-school activities in May, and because I've been up to 5 million different things since school ended, AND mostly because I just did a huge photo dump from my phone, here for your reading enjoyment is "The Haps, part 2."

This is actually before school was over but goes along with the original theme of my "haps" in that it's about a SUPER COOL concert I went to with my brother and his wife. To impress on you exactly how cool this concert was let me tell you that it was on a Wednesday, as in a SCHOOLNIGHT, and I took the following day off. I don't have to tell you how precious personal days are. If you are a teacher, you understand. And if you are like me, you only get 2 a year. So yeah. It was cool.

Anyway... We went to see one of my absolute favorites, Manchester Orchestra. I'm not sure how many teachers are rockers like me but it was an amazing show!

Randy, Shannon, and Me.

At the Bastille concert I was OVERLY aware of how old I am. Manchester Orchestra was much less on the teeny-bopper side. Also there were *GASP* men there! Aside from my brother, I only saw one "man" at the Bastille concert and he didn't count because I'm pretty sure he was 12 and he was definitely wearing a Lana Del Ray shirt. Yeah.... not exactly my ideal dating candidate.


About a week after school was out, a local winery had a "free tasting for teachers day." Hells yes. All humidity aside, living in Virginia has its perks. I swear there has to be at least one winery for every 10 square miles. Yessssssssssss.

I used this winery visit to corrupt the Meekster into playing hooky from a class she was taking and come drink wine with me!

Wine + Bread + Cheese = Lunch

Another former teammate jumped at the opportunity to drink on a Wednesday afternoon. Miss working with these ladies so much!

Meekster had to "leave early" and in the process, stuck this wino stick figure onto Erin's new mini-van. I walked with her to her car and she didn't realize it was her van. "No, no. Mine doesn't have a stick--waaaaaaiiiiiittttt a minute...." 

Then it was off to Indiana for a family wedding. My YOUNGER cousin. Yep. Not bitter at all. The whole family stayed in this adorable bed and breakfast. I didn't take pictures inside but it was full of charm and character.

One of our day trips was to Indiana Dunes, on Lake Michigan. Doesn't look like a lake does it?

While the fam trekked out to the light house G-ma and I caught some rays. She forgot her sunglasses so she is stylin mine :)

Wedding time! This is my nephew Connor in his "tux" as he calls it. I couldn't get Chris to stand still for a photo.

Granddaddy fixing Chris' shirt and tie.

Chris was OUT by 7:30 so he slept on a total of 4 different laps. Connor took his turn while mom and dad were dancing.

And a little later Grandma took her turn. She said "he drooled on my dress..."

And the great part is that we will do it all over again in two weeks when my other cousin (also younger than me) get's married in Chicago. Chris is in the wedding. Hope he stays awake long enough to walk the ring down the aisle!

So as a re-cap:

  • I rocked out to Manchester Orchestra
  • Drank free wine with my teammies
  • I am officially the ONLY SINGLE cousin on BOTH SIDES of my ENTIRE family. Awesome.
Ahh... As always,

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  1. Want me to get you a bouquet catching stick figure for your car?
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