Saturday, August 20, 2011

Open House Letter

Hi friends! Not to worry... the pillows were successfully recovered and the bunny slippers put through the washer. All is well again. Anyhoooooo. I just wanted to share the letter I send to my kids and families when I get my list. Each year the letter has evolved and become more child friendly. A couple years ago, I decided to add a picture of myself so the kids could recognize/remember me at Open House, especially if they've seen me at school but didn't know my name. The picture made a BIG difference. The shy kids seemed less nervous at Open House, and since I had already shared some information about myself, they were more willing to open up to me. The parents also appreciated being able to put a face (one they see so often at PTO events) to the name on their child's list. So here it is!

1 comment:

  1. Oh man! I just sent out my letter last week. I wish I had seen your letter first! Adding the cat info and your photo is GENIUS!!!!!! I will follow your example next year!
    An Open Door