Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Library Fun

I have to give major props to my county's public library system. They have a TON of great summer programs for children of all ages to keep kids coming back to the library regularly. When my nieces are visiting I take FULL advantage of these programs to keep the girls entertained for free. Here are some pictures of things we have done at the library (and at home) these past few weeks.

I recently discovered Spelling Battleship on someone's page (sorry I can't remember who it was) and decided to make my own template. The girls LOVED it!

I've always loved doing my friends' hair in fancy braiding and whatnots. So when I discovered Princess Piggies, I knew I had to try out this fun star braid for the 4th of July.

This is the Princess Piggies basket weaving do.

Here's a library activity... The girls got to go to a Traditional Hawaiian Hula Workshop. They learned all about Traditional Hula culture, some Hawaiian history, and got to make Leis from Ti leaves.

I may have mentioned that the girls are obsessed with board games. Olivia decided to create her own game based on the game Clue. The characters are people in our family and the idea of the game is to figure out who stole the chocolate brownie, in what room, and with what utencil (fork, chopsticks, measuring spoons, etc.). The game is called "Mystery" and I've played it 6,347 times. I think.

Most recently Alex got to read to a therapy dog named Ritz. Since she and her sister have been begging for a dog for 6 million years it was a big hit. She even picked out stories about dogs to read to her. I suggested "Officer Buckle and Gloria." We are already signed up to do it again next week!

I didn't get pictures but we also went to a program about bats. A woman from a bat sanctuary came to speak about native local bats and the struggles they are facing due to changes to their habitats and food sources. She brought bats to show and used a projection camera to give us a good look since a full-size brown bat is only about 3 inches long.

Does your library system offer programs like these? I hope so! I usually see a few students from my school at these events, which makes me feel hopeful that they aren't just sitting in front of a screen all summer.

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