Friday, June 14, 2013

5 for Friday

I've never linked up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday before but after emptying the random contents of  my camera today there really wasn't any good way to make a decently themed blog post about it. So five random shots of my week seems to sum it up pretty well. Here goes!

I was super excited to give my FAVORITE teammies their end-of-the-year-I-hate-that-we-wont-be-together-again-next-year gifts. Yes that is The Meek Moose. And it was "Wacky Wednesday" and she will kill me for posting this so go easy on her. I used the same process to make these wreaths as I did in THIS Monday Made It post from last summer. The chickens were just a given. How could you not love these ridiculous chickens??

Child labor is a great time-saver! This task of putting the cubes into trains so they would fit in the plastic bin they came in occupied my Deuces for three mornings. Someone asked me if they could play the cube game today... "What do you mean we finished the job? What job??"

Our end-of-year picnic was today and we had fabulous weather! With all the crazy storms going on all over the East coast we really didn't know what to expect. Thankfully, the storms passed through quickly the night before and left us with a cooler, breezy, non-humid, sun-shiny day (these are VERY rare in VA!). That's me in the selfie and the Meekster digging for worms with her babies.

While we were at the picnic I almost stepped on this little guy. I tried to move him out of the path of 100+ trampling feet and he clung to me like there was no tomorrow. I couldn't shake him off for the life of me. It was a good opportunity for my kiddos to review their Butterfly vs. Moth knowledge. We were successfully able to prove that he was a moth, not a butterfly due to his feather-like antennae, furry body, and resting with wings flat instead of vertical like a butterfly would do.

Father's Day gifts just weren't in the cards this week. I wanted to do the same thing I did last year, but it was rainy or cloudy all week so we couldn't get enough shadow in the pictures. Then it was finally sunny today but it was so windy the Deuces couldn't hold onto the sign :(.
Sorry dads!

P.S.  Like the digital papers I used? I won them from Teacher Gems last week! I got the TPT sellers pack. Score! I used papers from:


  1. Dear God. My hair might even look better on the wacky Wednesday photo...

  2. Those wreaths are adorable! And I didn't realize you worked with the Meek Moose. I found her blog a while back, but I didn't know she was another VA blogger. How fun!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  3. Love those wreaths! I definitely want to try making one of those for Christmas next year! Looks like you guys had a fun end of the year! Also love the Father's Day cut out photo...very creative! Happy to be your newest follower!! I always get so excited to follow more 2nd grade teachers! I co-teach 2nd with my co-blogger Carrie!

    Table Talk with C & C