Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Packing up the room quick tip

Up until yesterday I was still holding on to the hope that the teacher that moves into my room after I move out would be a second grade teacher. That would mean I wouldn't have to box up anything but my own things and I could leave everything else on the shelves...

It was not my lucky day.

A first grade teacher will be moving into my classroom. And how did I find out? She came to me wanting to know if she could move her stuff into my room and how soon I could clear out the closet and why haven't you boxed that stuff up yet? Back up home girl. It's still MY room. For another 4.5 days at least. To be fair to her, she has a teacher jumping down her throat wanting to move stuff into her room too. But still. Take a chill pill please!

Anyway, while I was emptying cupboards and shelves I realized that I have 6,395,325 boxes of tissues in my room. Seriously.

OK not seriously. But I found a box of tissues with the name of a student who is in middle school now.... I guess we just use our sleeves in Room 104 or something. Every year I have a TON of leftover tissues and baby wipes that were never touched. Kids at my school won't bring pencils but every last kid brings in a freaking box of tissues. Go figure.

Well I discovered today that tissues make good space fillers when you are packing boxes. I hate when you can't completely fill a box and it gets squished. And I equally hate when a box gets too heavy. So I decided to start stuffing the empty spaces with tissue boxes. Now my boxes are completely full (no squishing), not too heavy, and I don't have to waste boxes on tissues.


  1. I can't believe you always have leftover tissues. That's the ONE thing I always run out of and have to beg for around spring break. Moving can be such a pain. Hope it goes well!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  2. If I have leftover boxes of Kleenex, I give them to the PE, art, and music teachers, librarian, speech teacher, counselor, etc. They are always grateful!